The best  gift


If you are worried, because you do not know what to offer as a gift, or because you can not afford doing it or you are jobless, or because you have got so many friends and owing to it you can not offer something for them...


I will tell you something:

Flowers wilts, cards you may loose,  not most of gifts please people, letters becomes old… think about giving something that would last forever, something that you have on the inside, and even the richest person would not have it anymore:

Offer a bit of your time!

Just for an hour, or just one morning, one afternoon or even a day, just be the best friend that someone could have! Give yourself in a friendship! Who knows a cake prepared with your own hands with some coffee?

There are moments that last forever! To make someone happy is the best gift we can offer. These things we can not purchase, not even trade it, but we produce it with love in our eyes and love inside our hearts. May someone say within ten years: The best Christmas gift was the moments offered by you in those years. People, are rich in possibilities; we can give something from us for the others without purchasing anything. We can make people smile. Give a little of your time as a gift. A gift with no package, a gift with no surprises, but a gift given from the bottom of your heart. You are the best gift that exists!!!

May this Christmas be gorgeous, like the ones that your heart chooses to prove affection in your friendship!


Letícia Thompson

Translate: Nicodemos Lopes



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